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QuizComparing countriesCategoryDemographyDifficultyHardDescriptionIn which country do they trust each other the most? Which country have most obese people? Teenage pregnancies?
QuizSelf DeceptionCategoryPsychologyDifficultyMediumDescriptionWho washed their hands the most? For or against the death penalty? Do you remember your grades from school? How many thought they would perform better than they did?
QuizAmerican Social StudiesCategorySociologyDifficultyHardDescriptionDo people think they harm the environment more or less than others? Does capitalism lead to reduced trust?
QuizSchool Life IICategorySociologyDifficultyEasyDescriptionWhat is the most efficient way to study? Which is more important for good grades; IQ or learning strategies? And other sociology questions related to young kids and school life.
QuizIndividuals vs. GroupsCategoryPsychologyDifficultyEasyDescriptionHow many think they are above average? How many fund managers perform better than the index? Is the average of the group a good indicator of the correct result?
QuizGender Differences IICategoryPsychologyDifficultyMediumDescriptionAre male entrepreneurs better than female entrepreneurs? Are men better at negotiation their salary then women?
QuizRelative ValuesCategoryBehavioral EconomicsDifficultyMediumDescriptionDo people overvalue what they have built themselves? And other questions based on Dan Ariely's books.
QuizThe FutureCategorySociologyDifficultyHardDescriptionWhat do most people think will happen in the future?
QuizDifficult ChoicesCategoryBehavioral EconomicsDifficultyMediumDescriptionWill fewer choices lead to better decisions? Do random numbers influence our bidding price? Does something offered for free confuse our optimal decision-making? And other questions based on Dan Ariely's books.
QuizBeauty, Talent & StatusCategoryPsychologyDifficultyHardDescriptionDoes everyone agree on what beauty is? Does everyone agree what a good personality is? Does social status impact performance?
QuizOrdering Food & BeveragesCategoryBehavioral EconomicsDifficultyHardDescriptionWould a nicer environment make you pay more for a coffee? Does information taint your tasting experiences? Does ordering beer in public vs. in private make a difference? And other questions on our eating and drinking habits.
QuizSchool LifeCategoryPsychologyDifficultyMediumDescriptionWould you take a dollar bill lying in a communal fridge? What is the best way to study? And more questions from books by Dan Ariely.

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