account_balance Demography and Sociology

These quizzes were made in the early 2010s. Keep in mind that the answers might have been different if they had been asked today.


QuizComparing countriesDifficultyHardDescriptionIn which country do they trust each other the most? Which country have most obese people? Teenage pregnancies?
QuizCorruptionDifficultyMediumDescriptionTransparency International annually ranks countries by their perceived levels of corruption, as determined by expert assessments and opinion surveys. The index is called the Corruption Perceptions Index and defines corruption as the misuse of public power for private benefit. In the 2011 index, 183 countries are ranked from 0 (everything is corrupt) to 10 (no corruption). Where is your country ranked?
QuizRandom DemographicsDifficultyHardDescriptionDo terrorists come from poor families? When are emergency rooms busiest? And other random demography questions.


Note that the quiz Consumerism was based on industry sponsored research. Assume that it would not have been published had it not shown what they wanted it to show.

QuizAmerican Social StudiesDifficultyHardDescriptionDo people think they harm the environment more or less than others? Does capitalism lead to reduced trust?
QuizConsumerismDifficultyMediumDescriptionQuestion based on industry sponsored research.
QuizThe FutureDifficultyHardDescriptionWhat do most people think will happen in the future?
QuizUS TrendsDifficultyHardDescriptionQuestions based on facts from the book 'Microtrends: The small forces behind tomorrow's big changes', from 2009.
QuizUS Trends IIDifficultyHardDescriptionMore questions based on facts from the book 'Microtrends: The small forces behind tomorrow's big changes', from 2009.
QuizSchool Life IIDifficultyEasyDescriptionWhat is the most efficient way to study? Which is more important for good grades; IQ or learning strategies? And other sociology questions related to young kids and school life.

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