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Would people take a personal loss to exact revenge? An experiment [1] to test the importance of revenge was set up in Switzerland.

First, two people who did not know each other (and would probably never meet) were placed in two different booths. Both were given $10 each. Person A could then choose to keep the $10, in which case both kept their $10; or, he could give the $10 to person B, resulting in Person B receiving $30 extra.

In the latter scenario, Person B would have $50 in total, and could choose either to keep the $50, or return half of it ($25) to Person A. If Person B kept the $50, then person A could choose to avenge person B at his own expense (by paying the researchers); for each $1 person A paid the researchers, person B would be charged $2, up to a maximum of $50.

In instances where person B kept all the money, how often would person A punish person B by paying out of his own pocket?

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